IDTECK Enterprise Plus

Milestone (Xprotect) Video surveillance system interface IDTECK Enterprise Software

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 Video Surveillance and Access Control System Intergartion
 - Real-Time Confirmation of the Access Control Status with Visual Monitoring Guarantees High Level of Security with Low Installation Cost!

 - Adds onvif conformance multi-site management
 - Easy to install and use the Access Control System& Surveillance System

 Providing analog-digital recording and network IP based on video recording system

 IDTECK ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE integrated with Milestone XProtect corporate & Enterprise
    - Providing real time video monitoring on the door with video devices

   - Displaying real-time camera & Milestone server connection status

 Integrated MonitoringSupport 110 brands and 1100 model's IP Camera
  (Bosch, Pelco, Hikvision, Honewell, Sony, Samsung, ONVIF, PSIA etc)


 By Event
 - Video Search by Event (lost card event, password input error event etc.)
 - Pop-up Screen
 - Support PTZ, IRIS, DOME, Panorama Camera etc.
 - Camera Setting Information can be shown as report, preview
 - Powerful Monitoring (Live, Record by Time Line, 10 x 10 camera on one screen)


  Can be Applied to Access Control / Time & Attendance / Elevator Control and Other Applications

 Milestone Open platform

As the world’s leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS), Milestone Systems offers a wider range of VMS products optimized for different types of deployment and usage. Milestone Systems is the worlds leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS) and products support the industry’s widest choice in hardware, more than 3,500 devices from more than 115 manufacturers. You can mix and match cameras to best suit your needs and budget.



 Milestone Server Products

Each of the XProtect VMS products has been optimized to meet the specific needs in the different market segments in terms of:

• Ease of deployment                           • Ease of use

• Functionality level                             • Integration of third-party applications

• Scalability (number of cameras and single server to fully distributed deployment)


The above Image shows a Milestone Server products products, which can be interworking with IDTECK IDTECK ENTERPRISE PLUS. See the following website (http://www.milestonesys.com/Software/XProtect-IP-Video-Surveillance/xprotectproducts/)

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