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There are total of 21 for Access Control

  • 1DOOR

    Single Door Access Control

  • 32Door

    Up to 32 Doors Access Control

  • 4door

    Up to 4 Doors Access Control

  • 8door

    Up to 8 Doors Access Control

  • Absence Management

    The utilization of an Access Control System to Designating a specific VIP room as off-limits.
    This room will not be able to be accessed unless the authorized occupant is present within the room.

  • Access Control

  • Active Directory

    Active Directory is a directory service developed by Microsoft for Windows domain networks. Integration with IDTECK software enables centralized management for access control by synchronization of windows user accounts and IDTECK Enterprise's / IDTECK Standard's cardholders


    The Arm/Disarm function enables/disables authorized users in gaining access.
    The administrator can Arm/Disarm the system with his/her credentials.
    The access control panels output, allows integration with a third party device, such as an alarm controller.

  • Data Usage

    Effective Data Usage and Management
    - Integrations with Access Control, HR, ERP Database and etc.
    - Bar code generation and printing (Regular Bar Code, 2D Bar Code)

  • Dual Tamper Switch

    Dual Tamper Switch is designed to generate an alarm and notify the administrator via management program
    when the enclosure of the access control device is opened or removed from the wall by force.

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  • Standard Lite