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Your Security Partner

Since 1989, IDTECK has been implementating security projects.
IDTECK is networked through 70 countries, with more than 200 distributing companies.
A professional security company that provides a total security solution, on demand solution, and high level of security with continuous technologic innovation.

Greeting of CEO

For over 20 years, the development of competitive products based on the know-how of the security industry/field has allowed IDTECK to develop a full range of physical access security system devices. With the development of Proximity Readers (RFID) & Cards, Biometric Readers, Smart Cards (MIFARE), Long Range Readers, Customizing Solutions and our award winning Access Control Panels with user friendly software applications, we have been able to offer high quality system devices through our worldwide network of over 70 countries and more than 200 Business Partners.

With the development and production of such devices, IDTECK has developed the required operating software for the security, safety and control of your most valuable safe keeps. Such applications, as Vehicle Management System, Access Control Management and Time & Attendance Management are some of the variety of management software’s developed for the use of IDTECK product. In addition, we support the full cooperation of other systems (CCTV, DVR, Fire & Alarm) and implantation of various solutions that customers require. One of our greatest achievements is the integration of IDTECK products with well known brand names in the industry who have either OEM or integrated there proprietary systems with IDTECK’s. As we continue to advance features, performance and capabilities of these system devices, we are certain that with our extensive knowledge in this industry we will prove to be cost effective while maintaining a high level of quality. We will continue to honor our commitment to provide the highest performance in customer satisfaction and professionalism with an open mind toward the future.

Thank you.
Grace Kang
Chief Executive Officer
IDTECK, Co, Ltd.,

Management philosophy
First. Customer-centric management

There must be standards of thought and action of our criteria of value judgments may provide value to customers.

Second. Management of value

We must be committed to corporate activities for economic added value.

Third. Knowledge management

We must make an effort to build the infrastructure of knowledge management that can share information and know-how of one person employees.

Fourth. Praise management

It should be encouraged to praise and to discover the possibility of excellent employees, make a significant contribution to the development of the company and themselves.

Human resources

spirit of order to realize the full potential of their own with a sense of responsibility and passion, to achieve the goal


Spirit you have decided to start instead of start because you can

Open mind

Blue spirit with the correct values is a positive and future-oriented thinking on the basis of cooperation and creativity

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