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Title 2016 IDTECK Training Seminar in DUBAI

IDTECK is planning to host an IDTECK Training Seminar in DUBAI on January 19th, 2016

♦ If you are interested in participating, Please fill out the application and reply back to

► Training Purpose
 1. Introduce Information about Total Security Market Trends
 2. Total Security Solutions Business Expansion Opportunities
​ 3. Ongoing Security Solution Project Consulting

► Training Participation Benefits
 1. Training Certificate Acquisition and Price Discount
 2. Onsite Project Consulting and Solution Configurations
 3. Regular Free Education Opportunities
 4. Market Protection for Our Certified Business Partners
 5. Marketing Material Support

► Primary Technical Keyword
 1. Fault Tolerant (Redundant) System 
 2. Total Integrated Security Solutions and Management System in a Single Platform  
 3. Embedded Web Server
 4. Highly Secured System Management
     : SEED-128bit / AES-256bit
 5. Global Security Integration and Device Interface
     : Third Parties' Proximity Readers / Smart Card Readers (HID, GE, Ingersoll Rand, and Honeywell)
       Major Video Surveillance (Milestone, Genetec)
 6. Face Recognition and Fingerprint Identification Technology
 7. Long Range Reader Technology
 8. Credential Format Card Technology
 9. PoE (Power over Ethernet)
 10. Wireless – GPRS, Wi-Fi
 11. Technical Support on Database Installations

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