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Title IDTECK Enterprise with [ZK Teco Face Reader “V5”]
[IDTECK Enterprise software] provides Integration with [ZK Teco Face Reader “V5”]
[IDTECK Enterprise Software] is integrated with [ZK Face Reader”V5”] so as to provide the Face Reader Solution in the IDTECK Software platform, and all IDTECK’s advanced access control solutions can be used using IDTECK Controller even with [ZK Teco Face Reader “V5”].
Integration Range
  • Cardholder ID registration with ZK Face Template in IDTECK Enterprise Software
  • Face Template upload & download between IDTECK Enterprise Software and V5 Reader
[IDTECK ENTERPRISE] can be configured as a Single Server, Dual Redundant Servers, along with Multiple Servers and Clients Editions. [IDTECK ENTERPRISE] is integrated with ACTIVE DIRECTORY so that Operator Facilitates the Centralized Management and Synchronization of Windows User Accounts with IDTECK ENTERPRISE Cardholders. [IDTECK ENTERPRISE] provides various enhanced system security features that are Highly Secured. Within Software, Permission, Log-in Method can be Set per Users. Data Transmission is protected with an AES (256bit) so that Protect Information from Decryption or Hacked Situation. All Behavior from Each User is saved as Audit Log and it can be viewed through Audit Report.
[IDTECK ENTERPRISE] system is a single platform that provides Access Control, Elevator Access Control, Professional Time and Attendance Management (Multi-shift Management), ID Card Badging Design, Visitor Management, Guard Tour, Debit & Meal Plan. In the meantime, market leading VMS (Video Surveillance Management) software is also integrated with [IDTECK ENTERPRISE] to enable event monitoring with live & recorded video with the VMS such as Milestone, Genetec, AXIS, PELCO, Samsung(Hanwha) etc.

[IDTECK ENTERPRISE] Software has safety features such as Global Lock Down/Out, Occupancy Management, Mustering, and Roll Call for Emergency Situation. Integrated Monitoring Management includes a Graphical Map Function to map out all the Doors and Sensors as well as Camera for Real-Time Transactions and 62 Different Type of Events and Alarms with Video or Image.

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