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There are total of 8 for ARM

  • ARM


    The arm mode can be configured by the user with arm/disarm authorization using the PIN and card
    identification. During the arm mode, it prohibits the entry of regular users. In vice versa, the arm mode can
    be disarmed using the PIN and card identification. During the disarm mode, it allows the entry of regular
    users. Using the output of the controller, it transmits the signal to the third party devices (alarm controller)
    for integrations between the two systems.

  • Dual Tamper Switch

    Dual Tamper Switch is designed to generate an alarm and notify the
    administrator via management program when the enclosure of the access
    control device is opened or removed from the wall by force.

  • Elevator Control System

    The elevator user are allowed entry of only the authorized floors and if the user is not identified, the floor
    button does not activate at all, which could be used to eliminate the unauthorized entries of unauthorized
    • Prohibits the entry of unauthorized personnel
    • Increases work efficiency of the employees as solicitors are not permitted into work area
    • In the case of duress in the elevator, the victim can notify the administrator about the situation
    Allows the administrators to take immediate action by sending secret / silent alarm signal to the monitoring center
    in case an intruder threatens an authorized user to use the elevator (Duress Mode)

  • Fire Alarm

    Supports Integrations with Video Surveillance, Alarm, Fire Alarm, BAS, BMS and Etc.

  • Higher System Performance

    Higher System Performance and Stability, Suitable for Large-Scale Business
    - Linux Operating System applied, 32 Bit Arm Microprocessor (CPU)
    - 4-Status Input Check (ON/OFF/SHORT/CUT)
    - Accommodates up to200,000user IDs and dynamic memory of 200,000 event buffers

  • Input Status Check (4 Status)

    Input Status Check is designed to verify the connection status (On / Off / Short / Cut) between the controller
    and the input device and generates an alarm event in case of a failure via management program.

  • Integration System

    Support Integration with video surveillance, Alarm, Fire Alarm, BAS, BMS and Etc.

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  • Standard Lite