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There are total of 4 for PIN

  • Camera Mapping Function

    Camera Mapping Function
    - Allows mapping between camera/door and input devices

  • Excess PIN Attempts

    In the event, a PIN is entered for a designated number of times, the system will alert and disable
    the PIN that was entered.

  • OSDP

    OSDP stands for Open Supervised Device Protocol. It is a communication interface that connects a
    reader with a device it is linked to. It supports two-way communication between a reader and a
    controller. This means that a controller, a computer or an interface unit can connect with a reader
    and identify a malfunctioning device, manage LED indication or check a PIN-code that was entered.
    Its connection is encrypted (OSDP supports high-end AES-128 encryption) and makes it much more
    secure than Wiegand and other common protocols.

  • PIN

    IDTECK Solutions designed to ensure all participants in the acquiring transaction processing chain maintain the highest level of Personal Identification Number (PIN) security.

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