13.56MHz Contactless Smart Card Reader

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 SR Series - High Compatible with ISO14443
                  - Identifies UID 7byte / 4byte
                  - High Compatibility with Existing Smart Card
                  - Can be used as Transit Card, E-Commerce, Student ID Card, Bank Credit Card and etc.

 SRS Series - Security is Strengthened as Access Key Encrypted by the User or IDTECK is Used in
                     Writing the ID Number on Certain Sector or Block

 SRB Series - Security is Maximized as the Fingerprint is Stored in the Card, not in the Device.
                     -> In Case the Card is Lost, there is no Need to Worry as the Fingerprint Stored in
                         the SMART Card is Only Used to Identify the User and Password

 SR RW Series - Read and Write on Card According to User's Preference
                        - Various Applications such as Access Control, Time & Attendance, Debt Meal,
                          Vehicle Management and Other Applications with One Card

Key Feature

  • Wall Mount (US, EU, Asian Gang Box Size)
  • Tamper Switch (2 EA)
  • Supervisory Signal Transmission for Device Operation Status Check


• 13.56 MHz [MIFARE®] Contactless Smart Card Reader
• MIFARE®, ISO 14443 type A compatible 
• Serial Number Read only
• Reverse Polarity Protection
• Card : 34bit Wiegand (default) / RS232 and ABA Track II (optional)
Output Format
• User format available
• Compatible Controller: iCON100SR, iTDC-SR, FINGER007SR, SR505,
                      (34bit Wiegand) Third Party Controller
• High compatibility : Any smart card of ISO14443 type A Compatible
• Access Control
• Time & Attendance
• Keypad : 34bit Wiegand, 4 / 8bit Burst for PIN Output Format Selectable
• External LED Control
• External Buzzer Control
• Tamper Switch
• Wall Mount (US, EU, Asian Gang Box Size)
• Options: Supervisory Signal,3ea of External LED Control

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