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Title World's Largest Court House Selects IDTECK


World's Largest Court House 

 Selects IDTECK System







v Location: Kartal Court House - Istanbul, Turkey   


v Products(Q'ty):

iMDC Control Panel  - Main Board

iMDC Control Panel - RIM Board

SR10 13.56 MHz SMART Card Reader  

ENTERPRISE Management SW (Server / Client)  


v Application:   Access Control & Integrated Security Management 


v Description: 

IDTECK(Optimum Guvenlik - exclusive distributor of IDTECK in Turkey) constructed total security system in Kartal Court House in Istanbul, one of the largest cities in Turkey. This enormous 340,000m² building houses 350 hearing rooms, 12 police stations, waiting rooms for prisoners as well as facilities for the public such as banks, sports halls, restaurants, doctor’s offices, post offices, hair dressers, nurseries and etc. Over 5,000 personnel are expected to be employed in this complex and thousands of visitors are expected to visit the site on daily basis.

IDTECK's intelligent multi-door(32 doors) controller, iMDC Access Controller with its designated access control and total security management software, STARWATCH ENTERPRISE and iDWATCH VIEW PRO, has chosen to be the perfect solution to control around 1,000 doors safely. Also smart card reader(SR10) and fingerprint reader(LX006SR) were installed and all the systems allow integrations with various security devices such as CCTV, fire alarm, and BMS/BAS.

iMDC Access Controller and STARWATCH ENTERPRISE system are designed to provide stable total security solution without failure due to its fault-tolerant system as the system automatically switches to the spare system(standby) if the main system in operation fails. It supports various Anti-Passback mode including Global Anti-Passback so that it gives a great versatility and easiness to the staffs of the security division. And it supports strengthen security management because access authority can be granted by administrator account and the system management history of each administrator can be managed. Also it supports the expansion functions such as elevator management, room management, visitor management.

STARWATCH ENTERPRISE system is far less expensive and more satisfying system for the place like large scaled site such as the court which requires the highest level of security.

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