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IDTECK Download Center provides complete product data sheet, catalog, manual,installation guide, certificate and software.
The search can be divided into categories or directly enter the keyword. In order to download e-training center scenario, proposal, sales guide & tips, software, and technical guide you must have purchase history of the designated product.
The specifications contained in this web-site and catalogue are subject to change without prior notice at any time.

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86 Certificate [Software] How to set Anti-pass back
85 Certificate [Software] How to Set Time & Attendance(Closing&Shift)
84 Certificate [Software] How to Set Time & Attendance(Closing&Shift)
83 Certificate XO1000 AnE specification
82 Certificate IDTECK iMDC A&E Specification
81 Certificate IDTECK iMDC-RIM - CE Declaration of Conformity
80 Certificate IDTECK iEDC (iFDC) - CE Declaration of Conformity
79 Certificate IDTECK iMDC-MAIN - CE Declaration of Conformity
78 Certificate IDTECK TimePro_ Communication error check point
77 Certificate RF TINY_IP_IK DOC
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