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you should register technical support on Technical support page of IDTECK website first.
Remote support request is possible to proceed only for approved technical support request by admin.

  1. Stage 1 ReservationRemote Service Request
  2. Stage 2 Received confirmation Check the schedule and accept the contents of the support personnel of the Customer Center
  3. Stage 3 Approval of acceptance After you determine the support and content schedule, check with the customer the date and time of the remote support
  4. Stage 4 receivied remote servicesGetting online remote
    service of IDTECK

Service Instructions

  • - You may remote support separate programs is required to a PC for remote support service.
  • - If access you do not have access to the Internet, or corresponding to the firewall is not possible,
      please let us know the access means another.
  • - The service may or not depending on the contents of the request Remote Assistance, costs are charged separately.
  • - Consultation via telephone support personnel is necessary therefore, please leave a contact number that can be always.
  • - The processing and application of remote support services requested please refer to the remote support services of My page.
View the details of the service

You can check the My-page Service content to use of remote support services.

Apply of Remote Service
  • request a quote
  • Standard Lite