ASK[EM] Format Srandalone Proximity/Access Controller

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System Features

125KHz Standalone Proximity Access Controller

ASK [EM] Format



512 Users / 256 Event Buffers

RS485 Communication Support



Available for Outdoor Installation : Epoxy Molding / Waterproof(IP66)



Device Information and Operation Status Display via Nine LED and Buzzer



Door Lock Type Selectable : Power Fail Safe / Power Fail Secure



Easily installed onto any wall surfaces and door frames



Life time warranty 

User Convenience feature of the Management Software
  - User registration, deletion and device setting
  Door opening time setting per users (This function is not related with Time Schedule)
  - User group setting per doors
  - Door status monitoring and control
  - View and print the in/out report and alert conditions reports
  - Real-time monitoring of events, transactions and device operations
  - Controls up to 255 doors
  - In case of power failure, automatic door open/close setting
Compatible Software : STAR RFL200C

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