13.56MHz [MIFARE®] Contactless Smart Card Programmer

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• 13.56MHz [MIFARE®] Smart Card Read / Write Programmer
• Able to issue a Card for Various Applications (One Card Solution)
• MIFARE® Memory Map and IDTECK Memory Map selectable
• 2ea of RS232 Communication Port connectable between SR RW Reader Series and PC
• Able to set up Access Control, Time & Attendance, Debt Meal and Cashless Payment System through the RS232 Port
• Able to select 26 / 34bit Wiegand Output Format
• Contactless Read / Write Function from / to Smart Card
• Read / Write Sector and Block selectable
• Read / Write Data by Sector Unit (Max.48Byte) (Sector 0~3)
• Write Data by Block Unit and Read Data by Sector Unit (Sector 4~39)
• Fast Overwrite Time less than 200ms.
• Key Management and Data Areas available
• Transmit issuing Card Data to SR RW Series (SR10RW, SR30RW, SRK101RW)
• Support to issue Cards and to set Readers easily with Smart Card Read / Write Software
• Issued card is compatible with Smart Card Read Only Series (SR10, SR30, SRK101)
• Single Power Supply
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