13.56MHz Contactless IDTECK Credential Smart Card Reader Series

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SR Series - High Compatible with ISO14443
                  - Identifies UID 7byte / 4byte
                  - High Compatibility with Existing Smart Card
                  - Can be used as Transit Card, E-Commerce, Student ID Card, Bank Credit Card and etc.

 SRS Series - Security is Strengthened as Access Key Encrypted by the User or IDTECK is Used in
                     Writing the ID Number on Certain Sector or Block

 SRB Series - Security is Maximized as the Fingerprint is Stored in the Card, not in the Device.
                     -> In Case the Card is Lost, there is no Need to Worry as the Fingerprint Stored in
                         the SMART Card is Only Used to Identify the User and Password

Key Feature

  • Wall Mount (US, EU, Asian Gang Box Size)
  • Tamper Switch (2 EA)
  • Supervisory Signal Transmission for Device Operation Status Check



• 13.56MHz [MIFARE®] Contactless IDTECK Credential Smart Card Reader (ISO14443 Type A)
• Read Range : Up to 4 inch(10cm)
• ISC80S Smart Card Read Only
• IDTECK Credential ID Number Reading of Smart Card (ISC80S)
Programmed by IDTECK (Without PRG2000S*)
• IDTECK Credential ID Number Reading of Smart Card (MIFARE®)
Programmed by PRG2000S* (With PRG2000S*)
(With PRG2000S*, ID number control by user with secure access key)
• 34 bit Wiegand & RS232 Output(Default) With PRG2000S*, various
Wiegand & ABA Track II Output Programmable


• High Security Level : ID number control by user or IDTECK with
secure access key
• Convenient Card Registration : Since user or IDTECK control the ID
number, card IDs are known and are in serial.
• Business Protection : Without data sector and access key
information, other supplier could not make compatible reader or cards.


• Access Control
• Time & Attendance


• 3 Array LED indicators (Red, Green and Yellow) and Beeper
• External LED Control
• External Buzzer Control
• 12 Numeric Keypads with Back Lighting
• Tamper Switch
• Wall Mount (US, EU, Asian Gang Box Size)
• Reverse Polarity Protection
• Options: 3ea of External LED Control


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