IDTECK Mobile 3S

IDTECK Mobile App

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IDTECK Mobile 3S has the ability to monitor and manage the status of Access Control Area utilizing the smartphone in a remote location.  Via Mobile App, ability to seamlessly add existing Access Control System.  The authentication process will be more secured by utilizing the built-in Camera and Human Body Detection Sensor on the Access Control system.  The IDTECK Mobile 3S App may connect to the distributed Access Control System (3-Tier) via LAN / WAN Connection.  The IDTECK Mobile 3S App is a convenient Security System with the ability to check the Time & Attendance details via Smartphone.

System Features

Various Configurable Functions
• Various Functions, such as Device Selection, Real-Time Monitoring, User Management, Video Management, and Time & Attendance Management, can be viewed and configured on the Remote Smartphone
• Provides the ability to set the initial system setting and convenience via Mobile App using Standard S/W's Information

Device Selection Function by User
• Administrator is able to control what information can be viewed from other mobile devices


Convenient Event Status Viewer
• Ability to Image Events or View Video for User Authentication
Search Filter included to view certain events

• Enhanced Secured Data Communication by applying HTTPS Protocol for communication between Mobile App and Mobile Server Software

Image / Video Events
Ability to check Pre and Post Images or Videos for User Authenticiation by utilizing the built-in Camera and PIR Sensor within the Access Control Devices

Multilingual Support
•  Multi-Language Support including English
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