Professional Time & Attendance Management
Add-on Module or Independent Software

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IDTECK TIME PRO is Professional Time & Attendance Management Software, which supports various work time rules such as Multi-Shift Management, Overtime, and many more. This software also has a feature to create a customized report, User-Defined Report, as well as integration with ERP for Payroll Management.

TIME PRO may operate as an Add-on Module with IDTECK STANDARD Software or as an Independent Time and Attendance Software.

Key Features

  • Support Various Work Time Rules for detailed reporting

  • Various Time & Attendance and User-Defined Reports (Excel / Text / PDF)

  • User Configurable Multi-Shift Management (Double Shift / Triple Shift / User-Defined)

  User Configurable Multi-Shift Management
-  Double Shift / Triple Shift / User-Defined
-  Best suited for working environments that is around the clock (24 Hours) such as Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, etc.

  Various Work Rule Setting
-  Scheduling different Work Times per User and Date may be applied utilizing the Work Time Setting Function
-  Automatic Calculation of Work Time per User
   (Work Time, Late-In, Early Leave, Overtime, Holiday Work, Total Days of Work, Total # of Late-In, Total # of Early Leave, etc.)
-  Lunch time (Break time) management and deduction function

  Various Time & Attendance and User-Defined Reports
-  Ability to generate reports by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and other terms
-  Closing Report is available to print Attendance results
-  If there is an error that occurs in the event of Daily Closing, the Attendance Information may be revised accordingly
-  Export Ability for Reports in the form of an Excel, HTML, PDF, and other formats
-  Ability to generate customized User-Defined Report

  Effective User Information Management
-  Supports customizable fields to input various detailed information

  Various Function Key Setting
-  Ability to configure up to 12 Function Keys for various Attendance types (Applicable Products: LX505 and LX007 Series)

  Supports Various Export Features
-  Ability to export into Excel, Text, and PDF as well as ability for Database Integration
-  Integrations with ERP and other HR programs utilizing the Time & Attendance Data Export functionality

  Multiple Company Management and Data Management Function

  Multi-Language Support
-  Supports Korean, English, and additional Languages
-  Functionality to convert User-Defined Language

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