Visitor Management Pro


  • Various Notification and Report Printing
  • Visitor Access Control and History Management
  • Access Control
  • Pre-Registration of Visitor via Web
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Visitor Management is a software for effective management of the visitors. The software can be added on to the access control management software (IDTECK Standard) and it allows administrations of on-site visitors and pre-registration of visitors via web for efficient visitor management.

Key Feature
   Access control for visitor management software
  • Visitor Access and Record Management
  • Web-Based Visitor Pre- Registration
  • Various Notification and Reporting Capabilities

 Visitor Access and Record Management
- Integrations with Access Control System for Effective Visitor Management
- Visitor Access Management, Visitor Information Management, Access Information Tracking, Visitor Record Management
- Black List Management via Visitor Record Analysis

 Web-Based Visitor Pre- Registration
- Pre-Registrations of Visitors via Web and Pre-Approval Feature
- Data Management of Pre-Registered Visits
- Account Management of Pre-Registered Visitors

 Various Notofocation and Reporting Capabilities
- Notification of Emergency or Important Events for Quick Visitor Accommodation
- Dynamic Reporting Capabilities (Visitor Report, System Event Report, etc.)
- Intuitive Report Generation Using Text, Chart, etc.
- User Defined Report Generation and Printing
- Show visitor information according to time, daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly

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