IDTECK Enterprise Plus

IDTECK Access Control & Video Surveillance Management Systems IDTECK Enterprise Management Software Interface

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Enhance the Security Level of Video Surveillance by the Integration with Access Control


  • Live video monitoring & control from IDTECK access control management software screen.
  • Easy to monitor any abnormal or unauthorized events via multiple video pop-up screens.
  • Multiple Camera settings such as door or location / building can be fully controlled and monitored.
  • IDTECK system SW is intergrated with well-known VMS partners.
  • Samsung (Hanwha) DVRs/NVRs are diretly integrated with IDTECK system with no additional camera license fee.
  • Eliminate record and store hours of footage that can be tedious to search through. Access control event logs and stores video from the entrances any time the access control system is activated.



  1. Live Video
  • Live view supports PTZ and preset functions 


  • Live video screen is popped-up when selected event occur


  • Selectable event list to pop-up Live video screen.

        ► Access Attempt During Armed State
        ► Access Door Error
        ► Access Granted
        ► Access Denied
        ► Anti-Passback (Entry)
        ► Anti-Passback (Exit)
        ► Arm
        ► Disarm
        ► Duress
        ► Forced Door Open
        ► Guest ID OK
        ► Guard ID OK
        ► Input Disconnected
        ► Input Signal Triggered
        ► Input Signal Released
        ► Invalid Time Schedule
        ► Overtime Door Opened
        ► Overtime Door Closed
        ► Password Error
        ► Setup Mode
        ► 2Men - Manager
        ► 2Men - Visitor
        ► 2Men - Time Out


  1. Video for peivious event.


  • Video Search by Event (i.e. Incorrect Password, Incorrect Time Schedule, etc.)

Video Data Search Window

Relevant video for previous event.



  1. Real-Time Connection Status for Cameras and Video Server.  




  1. Report


  • Recorder and Camera setting report.



IDTECK Enterprise Plus is integrated with various brand’s VMS

  •  Compatible VMS for each Brand.

Milestone Milestone Xprotect 2017 2017
Genetec Security Center V5.5 SR1 V5.5 SR1
Aventura Aventura VMS X 2016.16
PELCO Video Xpert V2.1 V2.1
Axis Camera station X V5.33.248
VIVOTEK VAST2 2023 2023


Check supported devices:

Milestone: https://www.milestonesys.com/community/business-partner-tools/supported-devices/
Genetec: https://www.genetec.com/solutions/resources/supported-device-list
Aventura: https://www.aventurasecurity.com/Video-Management-Software/
PELCO : https://www.pelco.com/partners/technical-partners/

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