Professional Time & Attendance Management
Add-on Module or Independent Software

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IDTECK TIME PRO is Professional Time & Attendance Management Software, which supports various work time rules
such as Multi-Shift Management, Overtime, and many more. This software also has a feature to create a Customized Report,
User-Defined Report, as well as integration with ERP for Payroll Management.

Professional Time & Attendance Management Software supports Various Work Time Rules
Many Different Features & Functions that will meet the needs of the Customers
  that requires detailed and yet User-Friendly Time & Attendance Reports (Excel, PDF or Text)
  - Able to print various Attendance Reports by Code
  - Ability to create User-Defined Reports
  - Reports: Attendance Code, Closing Report, Statistics Report, Suspension/Retirement,
                  Transaction Data, System Information, User Report, User-Defined Report
• User Configurable Multi-Shift Management (Double Shift / Triple Shift /User Defined)
  - Shift Group / Shift Rotation / Shift Schedule Definition
  - Shift Scheduling with Off-Days, In-Between Time, Shift Period, Etc.
  - Copy & Paste Shift Schedule Pattern for Easier Configurations

• Closing Management of Time & Attendance Data
  - Daily / Weekly / Monthly

• Work Code mixed configuration of work code depending on Various attendance type
  - Configuration of Rounding Rule, Mealtime, Overtime, Breaktime by each Work Code

• Email and SMS Notification Function

• Powerful administration functions
  - Effective management of employee info, shift work setting, attendance exception setting,
    work schedule adjustment, etc
  - Convenient modification for abnormal time and attendance data

• Extremely easy Setup Wizard for initial configuration

• Powerful user authority management

• Administrator group with a certain authority level

• Authority management by function buttons (New, Save, Delete, Clear, Search, Preview, Send, Receive)

• Current communication status monitoring and command to connect/disconnect the communication

TIME PRO may operate as an Add-on Module with IDTECK STANDARD Software or as
  an Independent Time and Attendance Software

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