Professional Security Solution Access Control/Elevator Control & Basic Time & Attendance Software

  • Duress Mode
  • Anti-Passback
  • Multi Language
  • Advanced Security Time Schedule
  • Various Notification and Report Printing
  • Tool
  • User Convenience Features
  • Fingerprint
  • SMS
  • Event Management
  • Integration System
  • Transmit
  • Gender
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • APB
  • search
  • Distributed System Environment
  • User Management
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Key Feature

 • Additional Expansion Modules available for Increased Functionalities
    - Professional Time & Attendance :  Time Pro
    - Customizable ID Badging : ID Badging Pro
    - Visitor Management : Visitor Management Pro 
    - Integrated Video Survaeillance : View Pro
 • Multi-site management via LAN/WAN communication
 • Maximized System Performance with Distributed System Environment (3-tier)
 • User Convenience Feature
    - Intuitive UI and setup wizard for user conevnience and easy setup
    - Unicode based multi-language support allows easy language conversion
    - Offer various types of reports
      (User Alarm Status, Accessible Users per Entry Point, Event Status Report and etc.)
    - Various tool tips and help features

 • Personnel Tracking
 • In-Room
 • Mustering Report
    - Mustering Report provides Authorized Operators to see
      who is IN and who is OUT of a site as safety features at an Emergency
    - A log lists all Cardholders who have Entered and / or Exited by designated readers

• Integrated Monitoring Features
    - Monitoring layout setting according to user perference
    - Event notification via E-mail and SMS
    - Event texts categorized in differnt colors according to event type

 • Compatible Devices
    - Controller : iTDC Series, iCON100
    - Standalone : XO1000 Series, MAC1000 Series, LX007 Series, FINGER007 Series,
                           LX505 Series, 
505R Series, Neo RF245S
    - Reader : All IDTECK Readers (with Controller)
    - Package : iTDC Package, iCON100 Package, Standalone Package

       Enhanced System Security Features
        - Comprehensive system log management to increase system security
        - Automatic system log-off function
        - Authorization setting per user account
        - Encrypted with 3DES for data transmission and fingerprint information protection

       Multi-Site Management
        - Integrated multi-site management via LAN/WAN communication
Remote control and integrated data management of multi-site

       Maximized System Performance with Distributed System Environment
        - STANDARD Application, Communication Server and Database can be installed and operated in separate server
        - Maximized system scalability, stability and performance

       Integrated Monitoring Features
        - Monitoring layout setting according to user preference
        - Event notification via E-mail and SMS
        - Event texts categorized in different colors according to event type

       Effective User Management
        - Provides the records of issued cards in case the user has re-issued the cards several times
        - Allows registration of personal information including the bio data of the user

        - Ability to view real-time reports of cardholders and events
        - Ability to export into Excel, PDF, or Text
        - Mustering Report may be viewed and automatically printed in the case of any emergency
        - Event Priority Setting
        - Event Notification via Email or SMS
        - Voice Notification of Event Occurrence (”wav” file setting by Event Type)

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