Visitor Management Pro


  • Various Notification and Report Printing
  • Visitor Access Control and History Management
  • Access Control
  • Pre-Registration of Visitor via Web
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Visitor Management is a software for effective management of the visitors. The software can be added on to the Access Control Management Software (IDTECK Standard (Optional Module) or IDTECK Enterprise (Included Module)) and it allows administrations of on-site visitors and pre-registration of visitors via web for efficient visitor management.

Key Feature
   Access control for visitor management software
  • Visitor Access and Record Management
  • Web-Based Visitor Pre- Registration
  • Various Notification and Reporting Capabilities

 Visitor Access and Record Management
- Integrations with Access Control System for Effective Visitor Management
- Visitor Access Management, Visitor Information Management, Access Information Tracking, Visitor Record Management
- Black List Management via Visitor Record Analysis

 Web-Based Visitor Pre- Registration
- Pre-Registrations of Visitors via Web and Pre-Approval Feature
- Data Management of Pre-Registered Visits
- Account Management of Pre-Registered Visitors

 Various Notofocation and Reporting Capabilities
- Notification of Emergency or Important Events for Quick Visitor Accommodation
- Dynamic Reporting Capabilities (Visitor Report, System Event Report, etc.)
- Intuitive Report Generation Using Text, Chart, etc.
- User Defined Report Generation and Printing
- Show visitor information according to time, daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly

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